Roof X Tender® 900 Premium Thermoplastic SB Cool Roof Coating

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Rubber Seal Technology™ 
  • Xtreme Flex
  • Powerful Adhesion
  • Fast Cure

Roof X Tender 900 Premium Thermoplastic Coating is a white, liquid rubber coating manufactured using a select blend of thermoplastic polymers, rubbers and solvents. This coating is ideal for coating and sealing metal, concrete and some single ply membranes. The highly elastic rubber and polymers in this product create a durable and flexible coating that expands and contracts over 700%. This rubber like membrane withstands extreme weather conditions, is UV blocked, and provides an ultra cool finish that drastically reduces roof temperatures. This reduction in temperatures leads to lower heat transfer into your building and can substantially reduce energy usage and cooling costs. This product can also serve as a vapor barrier. Do not apply over wet or damp substrates, insulation or uncured coatings as this may cause blisters to form or delamination to occur.

Code Volume Dimensions
RX-9005 5 GAL 12" x 12" x 14.75"