About Us


The Roof X Tender product offering provides proven solutions for Contractors, Building Owners, Facility Managers and Property Management Companies. Our solutions are time tested and have been successfully used for decades. Our roofing & waterproofing systems have been successfully installed for a variety of clients including globally recognized Fortune® 500 corporations. 

Our systems utilize only the highest quality sealants, repair tapes, waterproofing, reinforcements and energy saving coatings. These time-tested combinations create a seamless and watertight barrier with tremendous durability and performance.

Roof X Tender at a glance

In addition to providing high performance solutions, these products also offer some incredible attributes and unique advantages which set us apart from many other systems and products.
Added safety and protection during installation
Installation is non- disruptive to operations and facility usage
Financial and cost advantages
    • Cool roof energy savings
    • Lower maintenance costs
    • Tax advantages
    • Long term performance

    The TRI-BUILT™ brand is synonymous with quality products for the construction industry. Our wide assortment of building materials can be found throughout the United States and are used by leading contractors and builders who are committed to quality construction. As industries evolve, opportunities typically arise in developing markets utilizing new technologies. Within the roofing industry, Cool Roofing and Roof Maintenance has exploded in popularity. Advances in performance and durability, new regulations, environmental concerns and the tightening of credit markets have all fostered an interest in this expanding market. As a leader in roofing technology for decades, TRI-BUILT constantly searches and evaluates opportunities to provide it’s customers with new and unique solutions. Through established partnerships, TRI-BUILT utilizes the best research and development combined with state of the art technology to ensure quality solutions for its customers. It is this commitment to excellence that brings quality to our name.